Comrades in Classes

A couple of years ago I was enjoying belonging to the most fun gym ever! Since they took things in a different direction I have been wandering aimlessly trying to find the fun again. While I am not there yet I do feel like it’s getting better. I have to face facts, nothing will ever be as much fun as Just Results.  Unlike most gyms where everyone pretty much does there own thing without even a “Hey there”, Just Results was a family.  We laughed and cheered and clapped and yelled and moaned and groaned together. We lifted each other! (literally and figuratively). If someone was struggling to push the sled, we would wait for you. If someone dropped a weight ball, we would pick it up and hand it right back to you, because you were going to DO THE WORK like it or not. When we heard the “Sally Song” come over the speakers EVERYONE would groan in unison because we all knew that meant Wall Squats! UGH!

Now that I have landed at a gym not far from home I am doing my best to find that camaraderie, that fun. I realize it won’t happen in the pool, that is a solitary event. It also won’t happen in the cardio room where everyone is wrapped in the cocoon of their own machine, be it treadmill, elliptical, or what have you. I thought about signing on with one of the personal trainers and I still may. I have been watching them periodically while I workout and so far they all seem to remain individually bland. My hope is that I may stumble into a group, that could be cool.

I have deduced that what I need to focus on if I want to find the fun are the group classes. I have been spinning my way through those different classes and instructors searching for that right fit. An instructor can really make or break a class.  I took one class where the instructor would have been better suited to teach yoga. She had NO energy! I think she was trying to portray a calming presence but it was brutal, I could not take my eyes off the clock. Doesn’t it figure the 5:30 am class has a good instructor, the only problem is I have to set my alarm for 4:30am which is just so darn early, even for this bird. Now the Sunday morning class is really good!  There is a good mix of people, 50/50 men and women. They all chat and exchange ideas. The woman on the bike next to me this morning was singing with the music, Yes!  ENERGY!!! In addition to the group dynamic, we rode through a bunch of different exercises, some I had never tried before, it was great! I will definitely continue with this class as well as the 5:30am class one day a week….I can do one day a week…yes I can!

There is another class offered at my gym called “Group Fight”.  The write-up makes it sound really intense which has me wary.  I have been trying to sneak peeks through the glass when it has been happening.  I think I have enough intel now and I am going to plan on jumping in this week….there I said it now I have to do it!

Hey, have you ever done this? Plank with the stopwatch turned over so that you can’t see it.  Just hold that plank for as long as you can.  When you finally crash down check your time, you may surprise yourself!  I typically just hold a plank for one minute.  For some reason the other day I flipped over my phone and this happened!


Don’t Peek, that’s cheating!

Here is one of my guilty pleasures.


Don’t judge!

It’s true, I buy my eggs already hard boiled.  It is just so handy to have them all ready for whenever I want them.  Sometimes I grab one or two before that EARLY spinning class.  I don’t want to go on an empty stomach and these offer such good protein. I also use them to make Egg and Avocado salad.  You heard me.


It may not look pretty but it tastes oh so good!

I chop up six eggs to one avocado.  Then I simply add about a tablespoon of mayo and one to two tablespoons of mustard, whatever you like. You can also add pepper but try to stay away from the salt. YUM!

Speaking of Yum, have you ever sautéed tomatoes? I like to chuck a handful in with my green beans just to warm them a little.  Try it, go, now, try it.


Just a dash of pepper and your good to go!


Spring has officially begun here in New England.


Before you know it, it will be Summer….probably next week!
  • Do you prefer to work-out alone or with someone? Or in a group?
  • Any quick and easy food/meal ideas? Please share 🙂






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