Winter Fun

There have been a bunch of Birthdays Happening around here lately, mine included. Peter turned ?!?!?! and there was fire!


Let’s pretend Peter is actually in this picture! Fun right?!

You guys remember Peter, he is a good friend and our Awesome Travel Agent! There was a super fun celebration at a local Hibachi Grill.  I love Hibachi!

I turned another year older, (chronologically at least) and there were bananas!


They don’t call me ‘Annie Bananie’ for nothing!

A while back I mentioned to Dana that I had never been to “Stew Leonard’s” a fancy and FUN local grocery store. She made it her mission to get me there!  Dana, Peter, Chris, J-Dawg and I made the short trip on my birthday and had a blast grocery shopping! Really fun!

I helped Hannybell celebrate her day of birth with cheese and coffee.


I do what I can!

DOM’s Coffee House is like our own local ‘Central Perk’.  There was also pastry involved…it happened!

I am still chasing J-Dawg down to celebrate her Birthday!


She is elusive!

Derek turned the big 30!!  THAT was a celebration!


How do you choose??!!!!

Derek works SO hard and we don’t get to see him often.  It was great to sit and visit with him for a while. Because our Birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart there are usually a lot of cupcakes running around this time of year!  We can handle it!

There are a few more Birthday’s in the near future, but then again, I suppose there always are!

The Fitness Front:

Honestly, I’ve got nothing new going on, or even anything old going on. I am in my usual Winter limbo.  The most I have done over the past couple of months is take a bunch of long walks.  Don’t worry…don’t worry…I plan to get back at it in March!  I may even sign up for a race or two!  I am feeling really good right now and would like to run in something official this year.  I will keep you posted!

The bunnies have been getting busy with their Easter plans.  They have spreadsheets and travel logs strewn all over the place!


Always thinking, always planning.
  • How do you like to celebrate your Birthday?
  • Spring race plans?








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