What do you listen to (if anything) while you work out? Like many, I prefer happy up beat music when I run down the sidewalk.  Occasionally a comedian pops in which is a nice break but I can’t take listening to comedy for my entire run.  Why are people laughing when I am working so hard?!  Lately I have been favoring podcasts while on the treadmill.  Let’s face it, treadmill’s are just boring so something a little headier than the top 40 helps to pass the time.  I became a history buff as an adult and was delighted to discover two history based podcasts.   One is called “History Goes Bump” which is fun and interesting in a slightly twisted sort of way, topics include haunted lighthouses and the like.  The only problem is “History Goes Bump” is difficult for me to hear….I need a better Bluetooth speaker.  My favorite podcast is “The History Chicks”.  I find their choice of topics a little bit off-center from the norm which is right up my alley.  For instance, they are not repeating everything that we learned and subsequently have forgotten from our High School History classes.  (A deep apology to all of my high school history profs!!)  Instead they talk about the likes of, Mary Todd Lincoln and Madame Curie.  Recently the topic was author Beatrix Potter!  Are you kidding?!!  Beatrix was my very first favorite author!  I spent hours and hours and hours  listening to my Mom read me the stories of Peter Rabbit, Tom Kitten and the rest.  Ultimately I learned to read myself and spent too many nights reading the Beatrix Potter stories way past my bedtime.

Beatrix Potter and “Kep” (Courtesy the National Trust)

I have always appreciated the ability to disappear into a story, become part of it in my own way. While tromping along on the treadmill one particularly drizzly day I realized that it was Beatrix who played a huge role in that!  She had a knack for making those furry little creatures come to life.  I learned that she studied her pets closely and learned their patterns, personalities and idiosyncrasies .  She also studied their physical make-up but I won’t go into that, it’s disturbing.  Moving on!  Thank you Beatrix (and Mom) for feeding my love of reading, learning and enjoying a world outside of my own!  Thank you for creating and allowing me to live in a world beyond my own vision and to cherish those stories.


Peter Rabbit

As much as I try to avoid treadmill workouts, these new (to me) podcasts are making me almost (ALMOST) wish for the cold winter days that put me on the mill.


Autumn is Falling upon New England and with that, Halloween.  Halloween has never been an especially fun Holiday for me, even as a kid.  However I AM a fan of Sugar Skulls!

Sugary Sugar Skull, Score!

After indulging in a very necessary cookie one recent afternoon I came home to find that my new running gloves had arrived!

These will make me run very fast!

Why am I so enamored with Sugar Skulls?  The best explanation that I have is ……just because.

Speaking of indulgences, a certain local chocolate store is celebrating their 70th anniversary!

Soooooooooo gooooood!

I spent five years behind the counter at Munson’s as a young adult.  Congratulations guys!!

A little extra exercise was necessary after all of these treats recently.  Some of my co-workers and I travelled downtown and raised some walls for Habitat for Humanity.

“On Three…”

Six hours of pounding nails in the blazing sun equals a healthy exhaustion.  We were the first crew on the project and managed to erect two of these walls.  When all is said and done there will be six more homes which will mimic those in the background.  This organization does some really amazing work with some really amazing people.  If you have the opportunity to take part in a build, do it, you won’t regret it!  Just be prepared for HARD WORK!

  • What do you listen to, any podcast recommendations?
  • Sugar Skulls, yea or nay?
  • Have you ever been on a Habitat for Humanity project?

Thanks for visiting, enjoy your day!



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