Ride Along

To paraphrase Snoopy, “It was a hot and muggy morning”. Apparently it is Summer here in New England!

As much as I enjoy taking myself for a run it is just to warm.  J-Dawg and I have been biking about once or twice a week.  At least on a bike you create a breeze.  Plus, there is the added bonus of traveling through lot’s of scenic landscapes.

This will be even more beautiful in the Fall

We typically travel South for a little more than seven miles. We then turn around to round out our ride at 15 ish miles.  Yesterday however we decided to head North and explore the great unknown.  The ride consisted of many comments such as, “oh, I know where this comes out” and “oh, this is near…”.

That tunnel goes under a super busy road, I never knew this picnic area was here!

One of the benefits(?) of travelling North was that we were required to climb a few more substantial hills than we are used to.  While the flat, shady stretches are the preference (really downhill is the preference) the hills are what build muscle and stamina, and I’m all for that!

Ironically, heading towards Florida involved MORE uphills than Maine!

While much of the trail is shady, there are intervals of sunshine.  Once we start moving into Autumn and the days grow chilly I am certain we will be relishing those sunny spots.  Yesterday however we were embracing any shade we could find!

Hey J-Dawg wait up….I’m taking a picture…wait!!

Because of the high heat and humidity yesterday we shortened our ride to 12.5 miles……WITH HILLS!  Burning calories and enjoying nature, that’s how we roll!

Random News:

I had to miss boxing class two weeks in a row due to various obligations and let me tell you I am really anxious to get back to it!  I introduced another buddy to boxing a couple of weeks ago and she fell in love with it too!  Such a great workout, de-stressor, class!

Sue does NOT approve of my gloves 😦

Riding and punching is not all I have been up to however!  My friends at work have gotten me hooked on “Game of Thrones”.  I have only just begun but I can sort of follow along with conversations now…sort of.

Does this make me a “Gamer”?

Do you like sushi?  I want to, I really do!  It is a healthy, cost effective meal and I keep trying it but honestly….ick!

I want to like you!

On the other hand…Mangoes!!!!

True Love!!



  • Do you watch Game of Thrones?
  • Sushi, yay or nay?
  • Mangoes?  Please say Yay!