What I Have Been Doing

How is your Summer so far? I have been having a ton of fun!  Between running, biking and boxing the endorphins have really been flowing!  A couple of months ago I was only beginning to get back into a workout routine.  Somehow I feel it is tougher to start over than to begin for the first time.  I suppose that is because I know what I am capable of and just want to be there already!  I am still trying to get my running game back…UGH it is soooooooo haaaard! Feeling humbled for sure.  I have decided not to take part in any organized runs this season, I am just not there yet.  That’s ok, I have plenty of other activities that will kick my butt just the same.

Love the view!!

Last Summer J-Dawg and I had multiple conversations about going for a bike ride. We talked the talk but we never actually pushed the pedals.  This Summer we have made good on our promise to get moving!  Sadly I do not have pictures of our first outing….it was a bit of a train wreck to start, involving slipped chains and flat tires.  Phil to the rescue!!  I am telling you that guy can fix anything!  Once we got going it was a blast and we have since been hooked! Not only are we riding on the weekends but we have now incorporated after work rides into the mix.  You should join us, it’s fun!


Do you like my hat? It’s new!

One day this past week I had planned to go for a run after work. J-Dawg asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride instead.  Sounded good to me, so off we went heading East.  After I got home  Phil texted me a picture a ginormous (really spellcheck?  that’s a word? ginormous!) black bear not a quarter mile from our house!  If I had gone running instead of riding I would have headed West instead of East and run right into him!  (or her…Phil didn’t stop to check) .  I know that black bears really don’t care about humans but I would prefer to NOT run right into one, just a personal preference.


In addition to running and biking I have also been boxing at Sue and Lori’s gym. Sue is such an awesome instructor who manages to build a great workout while still having fun!  I will also be incorporating a few personal training sessions with Sue into my routine beginning next week.  Stay tuned…could be another train wreck!  I joke, Sue would never let that happen!

These are serious bags!!!

Even though I am not running as much as I used to, I am still active and honestly, having a blast!

Phil’s mechanics remain in his employ.

Chief Taskmaster!!

Have you seen these?


I have a world class sweet tooth but these flavors on goldfish crackers are just wrong….shudder.

Otter would like to know how you are spending your Summer?



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