Back on Track

I realized today that on this day a year ago I was running my first and only 10K road race. That race was by far one of my favorites! For a few minutes I felt a little melancholy about not having raced since then.  You all know by now that I had some set backs that sidelined me. I realized today however that I ALLOWED those set backs to sideline me and in essence I sidelined myself! I know, deep right?  Well no more! I am back on track! I am pleased to report that I have started working out again regularly and the endorphins are plentiful!

The decision to start regular workouts again was not a conscious one.  Not really.  Although, I had been feeling sort of lousy (always tired, etc. ) and knew that I needed to do something about it. I popped back into the gym a couple of times, and took myself for a few short runs.  I think the big turning point was last weekend when J-Dawg asked me to join her on a bike ride.  As you may recall the bulging disc in my neck was most painful when I was on my bike.  I was hesitant to test it again but after having ZERO pain for months I decided to suck it up and quit whining!  Off we went!

I’ve missed you!

We had a great ride! Over hill and dale…well no dales…what is a dale anyway?

We are fortunate to have this beautiful trail to explore!

We conquered over eight miles of the scenic Farmington Valley!  The best part….my neck is 100% A-OK!  J-Dawg, when can we ride again!?!!

Going forward I  plan to continue pushing myself.  I will be diligent about making healthier food choices.

I spy fruit salad in my future!

I will get back to the gym more often and yes, I will continue to run!  I am registered for a 5K coming up but I have not decided yet if I will go forward with it.  Probably!

I will also continue to hop on my bike and take off now and then!  Because I can 🙂

Care to join me?

Otter is trying to lead by example.

“Just hold that grape, I’ll get to it”

You wouldn’t know it from this picture but Otter loves all fruit!  Felix is a bit more discriminating, and Lefty will only eat bananas….weirdo.

I hope you had a great weekend!

  • What is your favorite warm weather exercise?
  • What is your favorite warm weather food?

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