Cheer Them On!

I was out walking with Dana the other day.  Okay, we weren’t out, we were at the mall but we were still walking…it counts!  Dana was telling me about how her family was getting ready to go to Boston to cheer on her Brother-in-law who is running the Boston Marathon!!  While running is not her sport, or her husbands, they felt that anyone who was able to run Boston deserved all the support they could give.  I agree, Boston is HUGE!  I cannot wait to hear all about their experience as spectators, I am sure they will have stories to tell.  Boston Strong!

Boston aside, what about all of those smaller races that we all run?  Do you like to have friends and family there cheering for you?  I do!  Phil and a few friends came out to cheer for me at my very first 5K and it meant the world to me!  While my friends cannot always make it to my races (I get it) Phil continues to rearrange his schedule and shows up every single time!  Seeing that familiar face looking so proud as I plod across the finish line is better than any medal!  Get out there and cheer for you buddies, they have worked hard and they deserve it!

Getting it done!

Last week Mother Nature went all New England on us!

Awww C’mon!!

I have been trying to eat fewer processed foods.  One of my favorite snacks currently is “Peanut Butter Energy Bites”.  I found this recipe on Pinterest.

Honey, Peanut Butter, Old Fashioned Oats, Flax Seed and Honey

The flax seed can be whole or ground, your choice.

Throw it all in a bowl and mix it up!

Roll about 12 bites and refrigerate.

So good!

I took myself shopping last weekend.  I needed (wanted) some new work clothes.  Are you like me?  Do you gravitate to the active wear section of the store no matter what you went in for?

“I don’t need any more workout clothes”  Keep repeating!

J-Dawg and I lunched at our favorite “Cruisin Café” it’s been too long.


How was your week?

  • Do you know anyone who is running Boston this year?  Are YOU?

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