Hibernation Mode

Have you heard the term “Hibernation Mode”?  If you have ever tried to lose weight, probably.  Hibernation Mode is the excuse that many of us use in the Fall Season to justify eating more and exercising less. An EXCUSE is exactly what it is.  There is really no such biological phenomenon as “Hibernation Mode”.  If you type the term into google you will find a lot of responses discussing the technological derivation, but digging further in, nope…we are in fact fooling ourselves.  I have been struggling with my own hibernation mode this year.  The carbs are calling to me and the cold, wet weather has me diving back under the covers.  I know that it is all in my head I just need to break out of hibernation excuse mode.  What to do?  I have a few recommendations and I would LOVE to hear some of yours!

  • Get up and get out. Find a class at your favorite gym and GO!  Remind yourself that you will NOT regret going.
  • Tell a friend. By committing your workout to someone else you are held accountable. Just don’t commit to an enabler, that’s a whole different problem.
  • Set a goal. Goals can be anything, just decide what you REALLY want it to be and go for it!  Be realistic with that goal.  For instance, if you have never run before, setting a goal of  running a 5K in 6-8 weeks is realistic…..setting a goal of running a marathon in that same time, not so much.
  • Don’t quit! Quitting is easy and you WILL regret it.
  • Visualize yourself reaching that goal! By focusing on the positive you will end up ONLY focused on the positive and quitting won’t even be an option.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Can you have an occasional cookie? Okay.  Can you have the whole tray of cookies? NO, I can’t believe you even asked me that.;-)

Now it’s your turn.  Tell me some of your tips and tricks to break out of Excuse mode.

The Random’s:

Felix is shedding and he is super grumpy about it.  He is our biggest shedder and the most bothered by it.

“Sorry Buddy”

The weather here in New England has been cold and wet lately.  My Mother would say “Raw”.  The Saturday morning walkers were relegated to…um….well…..mall walking…oof!

I grew up here.
I grew up here.

Phil has a cleaning business.  Every month he orders supplies for the business.  When I got home on Saturday there was a box waiting by the garage.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Then I picked it up and the bottom dropped out!

“Dear Mr. FedEx…”

I wish I could say that this is the first time something like this has happened with one of his shipments but sadly….nothing out of the ordinary.

Next week is the Hartford Marathon!  I will be handing you water at around mile eight of the Half.  I can’t wait to cheer for all of the runners and hopefully capture some great pictures to share with you!  See you there!

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Are you hibernating?
  • Any tips to break out of excuse mode?
  • What is your next event and when?