Guilt is an Odd Motivator

Guilt can be such a great motivator.  Which sucks, because who wants to feel guilty?  Seriously, if you enjoy feeling guilty…seek help.  I had planned out my workouts for last week to include a few days off.  I still need more days off than I would like but I am at peace with it….sort of….not really.  My plan included a couple of run days and a couple of gym days.  I NEED the gym in order to rebuild and then maintain my strength.  I lost a lot of strength and endurance over my Summer sideline.  Sadly, I never made it to the gym last week.  I was determined to go on Thursday.  I had the day off work on Friday and knew I would have plenty of time to recuperate.  What I hadn’t planned on was my neck acting up again.  By Thursday afternoon just the thought of driving home, changing into workout gear, putting in my contacts and tackling 30 minutes or more of rush hour traffic was too much for me.  I decided to bail on the gym….sigh.  Once I got home I was feeling SUPER guilty about not going.  I was playing the head games.  Does my neck really hurt that much or is it an excuse?  Am I just being lazy?  I can’t keep bailing or I will never get my strength back.  In a last ditch effort I changed into my workout gear, grabbed my phone (music) and hopped aboard the treadmill.  My thought was that I would run SLOWLY for just 20 minutes.  Instead of music I found an interview with the writers of the “Big Bang Theory” on my phone and watched that while I ran.  I love the Big Bang Theory.  “Raj” was a moderator and “Amy Farrah Fowler” was a guest on the panel.  I would like to say time flew, but let’s face it, I was running on a treadmill so it really didn’t.  Instead I turned my 20 minute run into a 40 minute run/walk.  I still burned over 400 calories and managed to ease my guilt a little.  I also realized that I should NOT have worked out on Thursday because my neck was KILLING me on Friday.  Oh well, live and learn….and LISTEN to what your body is telling you!

The Random’s;

I ran my car through the car wash.  Per my usual I proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon running around town with the plastic cover on the back wiper.

How embarrassing!
How embarrassing!

I feel like in the automotive world this is the equivalent of having toilet paper stuck to your shoe. Tsk….tsk.

As you know (I hope) from my last post, Saturday was the Hartford Marathon.  I stopped for coffee on my way over to Dana’s.

The condiments come pre-packed...who knew?
The condiments come pre-packed…who knew?

Once the runners started flying by there was no time to even think about coffee!  I brought most of the box home to Phil, he was thrilled!

The leaves are really starting to get their Autumn on.

Only the beginning.
Only the beginning.

This birch is still mostly green with just a few leaves starting to turn yellow.  Before you know it we will be surrounded by every shade of yellow, red, orange, green and brown.  Autumn in New England is truly a sight to behold.

Phil rescued this clock.

She's a beauty
She’s a beauty

One of his clients had relegated it to the trash heap. Poor thing.  Something that you probably don’t know about Phil is that he can fix almost anything and has a particular fondness for time pieces.

“let’s see what we have here”

He spent a few evenings carefully making adjustments and lubricating the gears.

MacGyver at work

On Sunday morning Phil got up for work, went out to the living area and was met with the beautiful chimes from the clock that was still running and keeping time! Now as I sit here typing I am listening to the graceful tic…toc…tic  behind me.  He’s a talented man!

I met a friend for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  I was surprised to see that they had re-decorated the place complete with various murals throughout.

I am diggin' the Sugar Skulls!
I am diggin’ the Sugar Skulls!
  • How do you motivate yourself?
  • Are you handy?
  • Favorite part of Autumn?

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