what? what?

Saturday started strong with a spin class at “Just Results”.  I hadn’t planned on spinning this week but late Friday J-Dawg emailed to say “Let’s go spinning tomorrow.”  So I went.  I spun.  Spinning is weird for me.  I really LOVE the workout but because I don’t hear well (one of my eardrums is backwards.) it is a real struggle for me to hear the instructor.  At one point she was talking to me directly and I didn’t even realize it.  Ugh!  One of the best parts about spinning is the awesome workout music played loud.  Sadly I cannot hear two things at once and the music takes precedence.  I don’t always catch the timing for the jump sequences but I do ok…I think.  I am not going to stop spinning, it’s too much fun.  In fact, I am considering investing in spinning shoes so that I can “clip in”.  Any recommendations?

Phil, Bonk and I watched “What If” on Saturday afternoon.  It’s an Indy film starring Danial Radcliffe (Harry Potter).  We all liked it, there was enough humor to keep it moving.

"What If"
“What If”

Sunday was supposed to be a run day but my stupid neck was throbbing…sigh.  When it gets that bad I really can’t do anything physical without a lot of pain.  I started the day grocery shopping and doing laundry, jealous?  Then J-Dawg texted asking if I was free for lunch….um YES!  We went to our favorite, the “Cruisin’ Café” which is part of a local antiques store.

No rubber biscuits here!
No rubber biscuits here!

They serve the best food there, you can’t go wrong.  The antiques store always gets dressed up for the seasons and holidays.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Right now Autumn and Halloween are making an appearance.

Remember that pulled calf muscle from last week?  Well I didn’t!  Not until I started running on it again.  Monday’s plan was just an easy 2 miler.  At about ¼ mile that darn muscle started to knot up good!  I pulled over and gave it some extra stretching but by then the damage was done.  I kept on going telling myself that once I got fully warmed up it would loosen up again…never happened.  Oh well, it’s all part of being a runner, we learn from our injuries.  I know that I need to rest my calf more so that it will mend completely. That said, I have decided to bail on the Apple Harvest 5K this coming weekend.  This particular race is just not important enough to me to risk re-injuring myself.  I am calling it a season.  It was a tough one for me, mostly because I was only able to get in two races due to injury.  At the same time, it was also a really great season for me!  I ran my first 10K at a very respectable time and buoyed my desire to push myself even farther.  My sights are now set on the “Surftown” half next Summer….doing it!  Now I just need a training plan.  I hope you will stick with me as I try to figure it all out .

The Goal

Tuesday was National Coffee Drinkers day!

Just pour it in a cup.
Just pour it in a cup.

I got myself back to Sue’s boxing class on Tuesday evening.

The bags won!
The bags won!

I had not been since JUNE, Yikes!  Needless to say, class won!  J-Dawg met me there, it was her first time ever in this class and she can’t wait to go back!  You should come with us next time!  Not only is it a fantastic workout but it’s FUN!  Sue and Lori keep us laughing while still providing tons of instruction and support.  Plus, there is usually a super cute puppy wandering around…nothing wrong with that!

What the heck kind of yoga pose is that?
What the heck kind of yoga pose is that?

As always, thanks for stopping by!

  • What is your favorite movie?
  • Current goal(s)?
  • How do you mix-up your workouts?

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