Happy to Cheer

The Hartford Marathon is less than a month away!  I am looking forward to watching it from the sidelines.  As much as I enjoy running finishing races I have never had any desire to run this one, no matter the length.  October is really an ideal month for running a long race like the Marathon.  The temps will probably be cool, which most runners love.  Although, New England IS a wild card!  Last year it poured throughout the entire race…love/hate.  April is another good month for cool temps with the bonus of longer days.  So why not plan the Marathon for April?  SNOW!  It snows in New England fairly regularly all Winter.  Then the snow melts and re-freezes overnight.  Know what that makes?  ICE!  Trying to train for a marathon, or any distance of length on icy sidewalks is neither ideal nor recommended.   By scheduling the Marathon for October the runners have the entire Spring and Summer to train on less dangerous terrain.

Why don’t I want to run the Hartford Full, Half or even 5K?  Simple, I fade drastically in the Fall.  The early days of Autumn are the worst.  I don’t know the reason.  It could be the realization that we are about to be closed up indoors again for a number of months.  Or because the daylight has taken a sucker punch all of a sudden.  Despite the wonder that is New England in Autumn I truly have no desire to pursue anything for those few weeks leading up to November.  That said, I am very much looking forward to cheering for my fellow runners as they cruise on by mile 8 of the half!  Every year Dana and her neighbors set up an unofficial water station where the runners pass at the end of their street.  I am going to try my best to get on over there to help out before the roads are all closed.  It is always so great to experience people/strangers cheering for you while racing,  I hope I can add a little pep to some steps!

In Other News:

Thursday was a run day.  I set up Runkeeper and Pandora on my phone and headed for the hills!  After a little more than one song Pandora suddenly shut off!  Pandora can be a jerk that way sometimes.  Then I was stuck listening to myself breathe with an occasional update from Runkeeper.  I had a slow start heading UP…UP….UP but then I built up my pace and was in a pretty good zone heading down a long straight stretch of glorious downhill.

A little hilly
A little hilly

Runkeeper confirmed that I was averaging a decent pace (for me, everyone’s different) of 10:36.  Then all of a sudden a woman about my age (maybe a little younger) and general build (a little thinner) cruised on past me!  The nerve!!  Naturally my competitive instinct kicked in and I picked up my pace….until…oh no…I pulled a muscle in my calf.  Sigh.  This happened to me once before, also on a downhill.  I think I sometimes get a little over-excited by the coasting speed on the downhills and push just a little too much.  This just re-confirms how important it is to listen to our bodies.  After all, who knows better what they can and cannot handle?  Yes, it is okay to push ourselves in order to better ourselves, just be careful not to overdo it so that you end up sidelined.  Take it from me, rebuilding lost fitness is tough!

My hairdresser gave me a TON of parsley from her garden.  Bonk decided to garnish herself…she’s so goofy.


I had to pull over to take this picture on my way into work one morning.

No Words
No Words

This particular spot on my route can be very dramatic at times.  That fog is coming off the river.

Phil likes to put chocolate milk in his coffee >>shudder<< He had a mishap in the store.


The bottle slipped out of his hand and landed on it’s head.

I had to open the coat closet for the first time since Spring this morning….hrrmmpphhh 😦

I'm not ready!!!
I’m not ready!!!

That’s the latest, thanks for stopping by!

  • Do you mentally race while you run?
  • Favorite season?
  • What are you doing this weekend?

One thought on “Happy to Cheer

  1. I’m kind of the same way with fall. It really is a love/hate relationship. I like fall for all its color and food and fun, but…summer. I love everything about summer. And I hate everything about the cold. I think the reason I don’t like fall so much is because I’m gearing up for winter, and I hate winter.


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