This Too Shall Pass

I cannot tell a lie, I have not been feeling super jazzed about running lately.  Don’t worry, the feeling won’t last.  I have been here before and I am sure I will be again.  A few things are happening simultaneously that are trying to derail me.  First and foremost, my stupid neck!  Some days I barely notice it and others it just plain hurts. Right now I am in a hurting phase….this too shall pass.  Second, I have been a busy bee over the last couple of weeks and I am sort of worn out.  The sore neck and the too tired to blink feelings seem to travel hand in hand…hmmmm….is there a lesson here?  Finally, Autumn is fast approaching!  While I do love the cooler temps and the colors of Autumn in New England, I have always started to feel a little blue right around this time of year.  Again, it will pass.

I had an epiphany while running one day last week.  Being pooped after work I decided to run a flat course.  The thing about running a flat course is, it sucks.  No wait, hear me out!  You see, not only do you not have any hills to conquer, (we all know that conquering the hills really spikes those endorphins.) you also do not have any hills to coast DOWN.  The downs are great not only to give you a chance to catch your breath, but also to increase your foot turnover, aka speed.  Running is as much mental as it is physical. That extra little push of tearing down a hill is going to keep the smile on your face a lot longer.  Just make sure you keep control…no somersaults!!!

The Randoms:

After walking with Dana, Chris and Julie Saturday morning I ran a few errands then headed over to J-Dawg’s pad.  Last week when we were in Northampton visiting Jenn’s daughter we wandered into an awesome art supply shop.  They had an entire room filled with fancy papers…so cool.  We purchased a package of random samples to goof around with.

This was a great purchase!
This was a great purchase!

We laid out all of our supplies….

some supplies
some supplies

…and went to town!


Some people visit over coffee, we visit over art.


Okay, there was coffee too.

C-Dog was not inspired.


This sucker fish was staring at me while I was waiting to see Lori on Friday.

Are you mocking me?
Are you mocking me?

The turkeys came wandering past the window while I was folding laundry on Sunday (I know, you thought my life was all glam!)


Hope you had a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

  • Do you lose motivation?  How do you regain it?
  • Artsy? Fartsy?
  • What was the best part of your week?

One thought on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. I find the only way I can keep up motivation is to have a specific goal. Even if it’s a very short race I’ve signed up for or a certain distance I want to achieve by a particular date. Every time I want to have an “I’ll do it tomorrow” day that little voice says “don’t forget that race” and out I go! Sometimes. It’s not perfect.

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