Running Spirals

Where am I?!  This was the exact thought in my head as I was running on Tuesday afternoon.  Because the temps were in the mid 90’s with crazy humidity I took off with the intention of staying on a mostly shady route.  I had decided to run hills for a shorter period of time than usual.  I knew where I was and I knew where I wanted to go (home) I just couldn’t quite figure out how to get from one to the other.

There's no place like home.
There’s no place like home.

Good grief!  I had also opted to leave my giant phone at home and instead took my much smaller mp3 player.  Silly me!  If I had had my phone I would have been able to figure out where and when to turn.  I was only a few minutes from home but I had turned into a neighborhood that I believe was laid out on a Spirograph board.  Remember Spirograph?  I sat drawing spirals for hours as a child, but I digress.  This was not my first venture into this neighborhood but it WAS coming from the direction that I chose on Tuesday.  I hope the neighbors had a good laugh when I came to one intersection and ran a few paces down three different streets before finally choosing number four!  Oh yes I did!!  Fortunately I made the right choice and found my way home again….whew!!!  Note to self always bring your phone when exploring a new neighborhood!

Wednesday was scheduled to be an OFF day but after sitting behind a desk all day long I was feeling antsy.  The weather was questionable with thunderstorms looming.  I decided to take a walk on the treadmill but once I got out there I realized I had a whole lot more energy than I thought. I made the executive decision to run some sprints instead of walking…just a little different.  I keep ten pennies on the dashboard of the treadmill for running sprints.  Here’s how it went down:

All at an incline of 1.0

  • Three minute walk at 3.4 speed.
  • One minute sprint at 6.5 speed
  • One minute walk at 3.4 speed.
  • One minute sprint at 6.6 speed.
  • One minute walk at 3.4 speed.
  • One minute sprint at 6.7 speed

You get the idea.  I kept ramping up the speed until I got to 6.9 and then stayed there to the end.  Every time I finished a sprint interval I would move a penny to the other side.

Pennies as counters.
Pennies as counters.

The plan was to run ten intervals but once I moved that last penny I only had about five minutes left to get to a 30 minute total workout so I added a couple more intervals.  I finished with a three minute walking cool down.  If I had planned all day to run sprints I probably would not have been so into it, but because it was just an “In the moment” decision I really enjoyed it and felt great for pushing myself!

I am so happy that Jenn decided to join my gym “Just Results”, you should join too we will have so much fun together!  Jenn has taken some of the classes as a drop in but Saturday was her first official class as a member.  We attacked the 8:30 am spinning and burned up a bunch of calories!

In Other News:

I was in Pier 1 earlier in the week and saw this guy.

Whooo doesn't love Owls?
Whooo doesn’t love Owls?

I really love this painting, especially juxtaposed against all of the furnishings as it is here.

That was my week, thanks for stopping by.

  • Ever get lost while running?
  • Do you love owls?

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