Holiday Weekend

The Labor Day weekend has been a quiet one for me.  Consequently there is not a lot to report.  Most mornings involved a book and a big steaming cup of black coffee!

More please!
More please!

I took Friday off to make it an extra long weekend for myself.  I have been feeling really burned out lately.  I realized that the only time I have taken off in months has been for various doctor appointments.  Now it is Labor Day and I feel like I missed the entire Summer…so sad.  I actually slept until 7:06 Friday morning…that is HOURS later than my usual 5:15.

...just five more minutes...
…just five more minutes…

I spent the day on Friday running errands, but the fun kind.  I went to Michaels and stocked up on some art supplies.  I also went over to Home Goods for a gift for a friend.  While there I noticed “Party City” has opened in that particular shopping plaza.  I think I am happier than I should be about this fact.  We had a Party City in town years ago and I loved it for Wrapping Paper, etc.

Saturday was walking at the reservoir with Dana and Joey.  ALWAYS a good time with those two!

Sunday I had planned to take myself for a three miler.  I had not covered three miles in one shot since June and I was a little anxious and excited to try it this day.  Happily the weather was perfect for running.  The temps were in the high 50’s and the air was clear and dry, Yay!

Here we go...
Here we go…

I parked at the high school which would have me starting and ending flat with rollers in the middle.  I felt good all the way around!  The most fun part, (let’s face it, if running isn’t fun then you shouldn’t be doing it.) came near the end of mile two.  I rounded the corner to discover the sprinklers, the ones that cross the sidewalk, were still spraying.  I knew that I could run through them without melting. After calculating that my phone was safely tucked under my shirt and on my left hip while the spray was coming from my right I forged ahead.  While running through sprinklers (about six of them) is refreshing in the moment, once you pop out on the other side all of that moisture warms up really quickly.  Now not only was I soaked but so were my sunglasses.  I was currently on a section of sidewalk that is badly buckled and even caving in in spots.  The sun was right there!  I couldn’t take off my sunglasses and I was having a hard time navigating through the water droplets on my lenses.  While focusing on all of this I suddenly noticed that I was coming up on the parking lot where I had left my car!  I was DONE, I did it, score!  3.1 miles without ever wanting to take a break.  I stopped at the car, grabbed a swallow of Gatorade, and then just for good measure ran a lap around the track.  I’m back!!

As strange as it may sound, I have a hard time finding slippers that I like.  Don’t judge.  When Zulily was offering “Muk Luks” not long ago I decided to stock up!  On Sunday a box of slippers arrived at my door, what’s better than that?

Ready for Fall!
Ready for Fall!

I pulled out my painting supplies on Monday and messed around a bit.


Ultimately I was not happy with anything that I turned out, but that’s okay.  It was still great to sit outside and enjoy a quiet morning.

That was my weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

  • What did you do this past weekend?
  • Slippers,  yay or Nay?
  • Are you artistic or crafty?

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