Phil and Chuck and Andy

A couple of months back I told you about my running shoe collection.  Phil has a similar shoe collection, although his sneakers are not necessarily for running (he does spend most of his workday on the run however).  Phil has an affinity for “Chuck Taylors” by Converse.

Check out the Chucks!
Check out the Chucks!

He is also an admirer of Andy Warhol and his works.  Not long ago Converse added “The Andy Warhol Collection” as a subset to their “Chuck Taylors”.  Can you imagine?!  Phil was as excited as a kid at Christmas!  I surprised him with a pair of hi tops sporting the iconic Campbell’s Soup Can design by Warhol.

Pass the crackers please.
Pass the crackers please.

My husband is a very patriotic man.  He added the “Stars and Stripes” to his collection early on and his most recent acquisition is the “Eagle and Stripes” added just this week.

Stand up when you wear those!
Stand up when you wear those!

Did you know that you can design your own Chuck Taylors?  Here is the pair that Phil designed.

Sure, why not?
Sure, why not?

And this is a pair that I designed for myself.

I am a sucker for "Sugar Skulls".
I am a sucker for “Sugar Skulls”.

I must admit that watching Phil pick out the next addition to his collection is as much fun for me as it is for him!

In Other News;

Tuesday evening the girls and I took the beautiful Melinda out to celebrate her Birthday!

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!
Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

While I was waiting outside in front of our favorite restaurant…

Another great evening...
Another great evening…

…I looked up and noticed a BLIMP directly overhead!


Looks like “Goodyear”…maybe….hmmmm

Back to Melinda.  I think she was more enamored with the bow than the gift.  Not really.  I have always been adept at making bows and I forget that it is one of my talents until someone gushes.  Good ego boost, I can’t sing or dance but I can tie a bow!!!

That's a wrap!
That’s a wrap!

The Bunnies’ friends Jen and Nancy gave them carrot tops this week.  Interestingly only the girl bunnies (Bonk and Otter) like anything other than Hay or pellets.  The boys are minimalists.


Thanks for stopping by!

  • What do you collect?
  • Favorite restaurant?
  • Have you seen any interesting aircraft recently?

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