Thank You!

I am truly humbled by the interest that I have seen in my blog!  When I thought about writing a blog my thoughts were, who would be interested in my life?  Well apparently a lot of people!  I have had readers from Canada to South Africa and everywhere in between!  It is so exciting for me to look at the “stats” map and see that someone in France, the United Kingdom, or Honduras has read my ramblings.  All I can say is “Thank You” and I will try to keep it interesting for you so that you will keep coming back.

I saw Lori (awesome nutritionist) and her assistant Sal on Friday.


Lori has given me amounts for different nutrients (carbs minus fiber, protein and fat) that I need to stick to every day.  In order to do this I need to shop appropriately.  I got a D- for shopping last week.  I have a hard time eating enough protein and when I run out early it doesn’t go over well.  I did manage to put together this awesome meal for Thursday’s supper.

Veggies with a side of scallops.
Veggies with a side of scallops.

I also managed to lose FOUR pounds!  Whoo Hoo, I’ll take it!!!

Saturday was a quiet day.  I was looking forward to Sunday when I would be able to take part in the running clinic with the amazing Jennifer again.

Hey Anne, What time is it?!
Hey Anne, What time is it?!

Seriously, look at how much I have to carry just to go for a run, crazy.

We met at 9am, it was so good to see my running buddies again!  After about a half mile (maybe more) jogging warm up we started “Hill Repeats”.  These are exactly what they sound like, running up and down hills over and over.  The Apple Harvest 5K is a hilly course so this is much needed practice.  After 5 repeats we started heading toward the parking lot where our vehicles were waiting with water and AC.   About halfway back we noticed that we were climbing a short but long incline.  We had a meeting and took a vote and decided to call it SIX repeats for the day.  We  finished up with a quarter mile jog on the track followed by a quarter mile walk.  All combined we covered approximately three miles for the morning.  It was hot and I tired early but wouldn’t change a thing!

In other news;

Dana loaned me a new book that she really enjoyed and thought I would too.

So far so good!
So far so good!

I have only just started reading it but so far it feels like a good story.

I bought my first pair of Crocs ever!

Classy Right?
Classy Right?

I’m just a little behind the times.

Sunday’s lunch was an oldie but a goodie.

Sloppy Joe!!
Sloppy Joe!!

Got some good protein here!

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Where are you from? Is that where you are now?
  • Do you own Croc’s? Do you love them?
  • What is one of your favorite meals that you haven’t had in a long time?

2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. 4 lbs? Wow!
    Yes, I have very old crocs which Ernie will now only allow me to wear in the yard tho he’d love to toss them out on me!
    BLT’s for dinner tonight – haven’t had one since sometime last summer so maybe not fave dinner, but a nice change of pace.

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