Ever since this whole “neck fiasco” of mine I have been working on regaining my lost fitness.

I have become "one" with my ice pack.
I have become “one” with my ice pack.

I was happy to start incorporating strength training into my workouts.  Runners need strength just like any other athlete.  What I did not realize though was that I was neglecting my running.

The plan for Monday was to meet Jenn at the track for one of our epic “Do whatever you want” workouts.  What we had not counted on however was the temperature soaring above 90 degrees with crazy high humidity.  Jenn being the smarter of the two of us decided to opt out.  I almost did the same but because I had not worked out in earnest since last Thursday I chose to go forward with a simple 2 mile run.  I apparently have sabotaged myself further by spending so much time at the track as opposed to road running.  At the track I have (and take) the option of stopping periodically for Gatorade and/or filtering in different exercises like squats and triceps dips.  Shortly after takeoff on Monday afternoon I realized that I was not going to make the two miler without a few walk breaks… sad.  Part of the reason I was struggling was the high heat and HUMIDITY….holy cow!  I made a conscious decision to break my run into 4 parts one half mile at a time.  While I had hoped to be further along in my grand comeback by now it is all a process.  I am learning slowly what I can and cannot do.  I have learned, particularly from Monday’s run, that I really need to run!  My mood which would have put “Grumpy Cat” to shame turned a complete 180!  Now with a renewed energy and focus I am going to continue to build on my distance and stamina while still working on strength….sorry Jenn, you’re not off the hook!

Wednesday went slightly better.  I managed 1.34 miles before stopping to walk.  I am hopeful that once the humidity breaks my mileage will increase more easily. But hey, progress is progress, no matter how slight.

Holy Humidity Batman!
Holy Humidity Batman!

Hey, did I tell you that I am doing the 30 day Plank Challenge?  I am up to 90 seconds as I type this.  By the end of thirty days I should be able to plank for FIVE MINUTES!  I will admit, I’m a little scared.  Did you hear about that guy who planked for over five hours?  Dude!!

5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds for the WIN!
5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds for the WIN!

Hi from Lefty!! Photobomb from Felix…he’s a card!

  • How long can you plank?
  • Is it hot where you are?

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