My last post did not go up on facebook like it was supposed to.  Then it went up but only half of it made it!  I swear I didn’t do anything differently than I always do but I will admit to being technologically impaired.  I apologize if you got hit with my post twice, or not at all GASP!

Guess where I found the inspiration for this post…c’mon guess.  That’s right! French Fries!


Earlier this week I wandered into the kitchen at work to fill up my water bottle.  It was shortly after the lunch crowd had dispersed and the room smelled of French fries and ketchup!  That aroma triggered memories from my childhood of sitting in a booth at Friendly’s with my family eating hamburgers and French fries smothered in ketchup….YUM!

I would like fries with that!
I would like fries with that!

Then I started thinking about how powerful the olfactory senses are in triggering memories.  That led to…hey, I should write a blog about that! Somewhere along the way “memories” turned into “inspiration” because it was a memory that inspired me (see what I did there?).

Where do you find inspiration? Whether for running, biking, or swimming to a particular goal, or picking the color of paint for your dining room? Inspiration is everywhere we just have to be open to it.

For me, I see inspiration in a number of areas.  Sometimes a song that I have heard 147 times strikes something in me on the 148th time.

Music makes the whole world sing....sing a song....
Music makes the whole world sing….sing a song….

Occasionally a conversation with a friend or even a stranger will inspire something in me.  Reading others’ blogs is always a good source, especially when I am trying to climb out of a funk.  I also love to read and frequently get lost in a story that causes me to want to change everything about myself…not really, just some daydreaming.

Once inspiration hits you what do you do with it? Do you create a board on Pinterest, or an old school story/idea board? Or do you simply act fast and paint that dining room cantaloupe orange?  Don’t laugh, years ago I almost painted our stairwell cantaloupe orange with honeydew melon accents, but then I woke up!

Right now I am trying to find the inspiration to get back to my usual workout routine.  While I have determined a number of exercises that I can still perform I am having difficulty getting myself out there to actually DO them.  Maybe you could say something that will inspire me?

I mentioned to Jenn a few weeks back that I was thinking of trying Yoga.  Typically Yoga does not require a lot of (or any) jarring movements that would aggravate my neck situation.  Jenn was nice enough to loan me a “Beginner Yoga” CD.  I finally tried it on Sunday morning and I have to say….YIKES!

Nope, turning it off and walking away.
Nope, turning it off and walking away.

Here is the problem.  Much of the pain that I have comes from certain neck positions.  Imagine you are riding a ten speed bicycle with your hands on the lower bars.  You have to lift your head to see where you are going…this is the WORST most painful position for me.  While Yoga does not require any hard hitting, jarring motions it does require looking up!  Especially when the instructor is performing on the television but not verbalizing the instructions…pet peeve # 76.

I will stick to running….EYES FRONT!

I made a pilgrimage to the sporting goods store not long after the Yoga fiasco to purchase some KT tape.  I will certainly report back if it helps…..or not.  Look at the beautiful floral arrangement that was parked out in front of the store.

"P" "U"
“P” “U”

Pretty right?  Too bad it smelled like dead fish!  Whoa!!  I don’t know if it was the fertilizer used or one of those weird stinky plants but somebody do something!

  • How do you find inspiration?
  • Do you put ketchup on your fries?
  • What was the best part of your weekend?

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