My Scale is a Jerk!

My scale is a jerk!  I mean it, every time I look at the thing it has climbed…UGH!!!!!  I know, I know, it is my own fault!  Ever since the whole neck pain fiasco started I have not only slacked off on  stopped exercising, but I have also thrown my whole nutrition plan out the window!  Good job Anne!  Well I am over it!!  I have started exercising again and I have also made an appointment to get back on track with Lori my awesome nutritionist. Doing it!


A couple of days this past week I met up with Jenn at the track.

On your mark....
On your mark….

The plan was, there was no plan!  We walked and jogged and ran and sprinted around and around.  We were not keeping track of the distance which I love.  Between each half mile or so we would pull over to:

  • Plank – Up to 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • Dip some triceps up to 40 per set.
  • Push up about 20 times up.
  • Squat and Lunge until my quads burned!

We spent more than an hour working out each day but because we were chatting the time flew!  Come join us!! I also got a feel for what exercises I might be able to pull off again.  Push-ups are ok, but NO mountain climbers just yet!  I am excited to realize that I may be able to return to “Mix-Fit” soon!!  One of the best parts about working out with Jenn is that she makes me do the strength exercises that I normally slack off on.

Weighting around...
Weighting around…

It is funny, or maybe just sad, how quickly we lose our fitness.  As I was huffing and puffing around the track yesterday trying to reach one lousy mile I was remembering how just a couple of months ago I was able to run 6.5 miles.  While we want to keep one eye on the big picture it can be overwhelming. Starting over is just that, STARTING over. If I try to run six miles every day and continue to fail every day how long do you think I would last before just giving up?  Failure on top of failure is not good for the psyche.  On the flipside, if I set smaller goals, like 1,2 or 3 miles every day and continue to meet or beat them every day then my smile will grow right along with my goals.  Before I know it I will be building on the 6.5 miles shooting for a half marathon, but for right now, I will continue one mile at a time.

Sometimes I find the best meals are the simplest.  My favorite Quick, Healthy and Easy meal from this past week was Pan seared Sea Scallops with Pan seared baby plum tomatoes and baby peas.  I used a little olive oil in the pan and seasoned with fresh cracked pepper…that’s it!


You should have seen Phil’s Mechanics putting the car cover on…HILARIOUS!

  • Do you weight train?
  • Favorite meal from last week?

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