No Timing No Track

I always get super excited about races when I am sitting at my desk, or driving, or basically doing anything other than running.  I have high…SOARING expectations about what I can accomplish.  This week I learned that my friend Lynn is going to run a 5K at the end of the month.  So after not running, or even working out for a month until a few days ago, of course I am all over running it with her!  I have three weeks to get ready…doing it!

I think I can...I think I can....I KNOW I CAN!
I think I can…I think I can….I KNOW I CAN!

Along the same lines of lofty goals, I also REALLY want to run the “Surftown Half Marathon” in 2016.  I have never run a Half but I know, sitting here typing that I can definitely do it!  Will you come and cheer me on?  Pretty please?

Whooo Hoooo!!!!
Whooo Hoooo!!!!

On Monday afternoon I found myself cruising down the sidewalk.  The comeback has begun!  I purposely chose NOT to strap on any timing or GPS devices.  I simply wanted to get back out there and that is exactly what I did.

All day I had planned to drive over to the track so that I could just coast around at my own pace and know that when I wanted to stop I would be able to.  However, as soon as I pulled into the garage after work Phil tucked his car in right behind mine.  He was making new floor mats and wanted to be under cover.  Rather than bugging him by asking him to move his car I changed plans and ran out of the driveway.  The best part about running from home is that I start on a gradual downhill.  The worst part about running from home is that I end on a gradual uphill.  Of course come race day I am thankful for all of those uphill’s that I have trained on.  Maybe I need to reclassify those uphill’s as “best” instead of “worst”….maybe…I’ll sleep on it.

Not having a timing device with me I had no idea of my pace.  I felt like I was flying!  Still, I did get winded, and very very warm before the end of the street.  I know that from my house to the corner is slightly farther than half a mile so I pushed myself to not stop until then.  Whew, made it.  Then I let myself walk about 20 or 30 seconds before shifting back into high gear.  I ran another half mile then let myself walk again.  This was where I turned around and headed for home.  By now the sun was beating on me and I was crazy hot!  I really don’t understand why no one will set up a water station for me…rude! I made the management decision of taking it easy on the mile back home.  I ran/walked but still felt like I was pushing myself .  The cool part about returning to running, or I guess any sport, after a long period of time is that you can do it at your own pace.  It is acceptable to stop and walk if you get really tired/hot/thirsty/feel like dancing/whatever.

Do you hear the music?
Do you hear the music?

Then it was Thursday and Phil and I were off to dinner at Metro Bis in Simsbury with his Mom and the Kids.


The food was yummy.  Phil’s Mom suggested we order apps and dessert and skip the entree…Brilliant!  I had the crispy lobster ravioli and Pecan Pie with Vanilla ice cream.


Even the coffee was good.

When Wednesday rolled around I was determined to get to the track after work.  I really wanted to just run some intervals at my own pace and have the option of stopping when I needed/wanted to.  Once again Phil pulled his car in right behind mine!  I was taken aback because I had told him (more than once) that I was planning to head to the track.  The problem was that the landlord’s son was spreading gravel in the driveway and Phil had just washed his car and he didn’t want it covered in gravel dust…sigh.  When it comes to his vehicles my husband has blinders on, but that’s okay.  So once again I found myself pounding down the sidewalk.  I revisited that same two miles but this time I managed to lengthen the running intervals a little bit.  Progress!  I see you Old Wethersfield 5K!

Bonk wants to know if you chew your socks too?

  • Where would you rather run? Track/Sidewalk/Trail….other?
  • Favorite Pie?
  • Do you obsess over your vehicle?

One thought on “No Timing No Track

  1. Awesome, Anne! I can’t tell you how much I love the way you write! 😉 Nice recap of the week, I’m glad you get to run again because I know it makes you happy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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