Black and Tan

I am back on the move and feeling good!  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!  Yesterday I got myself over to Just Results (gym) for an early morning spin class.

My Gang
My Gang

This was the first workout that I was going to attempt in about a month and I was nervous.  We started right on time….thank you.  The lights went out and we were off!  As we moved through the different exercises…climbing….climbing I felt my breathing and heart rate increase, so far so good.    After a while I thought, we must be almost done and I looked at the clock.  btw, NEVER look at the clock!  You guessed it, we were only 15 minutes in.  ugh! During one particularly strenuous climb, (well it was for me) I felt something wet run from the corner of my eye down my cheek.  Was that a tear?!  There’s no crying in spinning!!  But no, just sweat, it was still good. 🙂 Then, just when I felt like I was going to explode and fall off my bike a blast of AC came wafting through the room.  Ahhhhhhhh……  I can do this.  As we all know, what goes up, must come down.  This is the part of the class where we have reached the summit and get to ride back down.  No, we did not coast, I can’t believe you thought that!  We SPRINT fast, fast and faster.  There are different exercises to add variety (in the saddle….out of the saddle…etc.) but on the whole we were peddling like we were being chased by zombies.  Then we were done, we stretched and wiped down our bikes and headed home.

Until next time.
Until next time.

As I was leaving the instructor said to me, I hope you come back.  Yes, yes I will! When I drove out of the parking lot someone from class who I see at the gym from time to time but has never acknowledged me actually waved….to me!  I guess I passed 🙂

Every year when my peeps and I go cruising my buddy Bill and I find at least one day to enjoy a couple of Black and Tans.

Man that looks good!
Man that looks good!

Have you seen THIS?

I'm talking to you
I’m talking to you “Cruise Peeps”!

Now we can ALL enjoy a black and tan!

Half Chocolate and Half Salted Caramel.....yes please!
Half Chocolate and Half Salted Caramel…..yes please!

What’s better than ice cream?  Watermelon!  This beauty followed me home yesterday.


I thought about trying to go for a short run today but I really need to be smart about returning to my activities.  I DO NOT want to wind up benched again.  Instead I think I will plan to save the running for tomorrow and I will simply read about it today.

I can do hard things.
I can do hard things.

Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping by.

  • Favorite ice cream?
  • Watermelon? Yay or Nay?
  • What was the best part of your Saturday?

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