Thank You!

I am truly humbled by the interest that I have seen in my blog!  When I thought about writing a blog my thoughts were, who would be interested in my life?  Well apparently a lot of people!  I have had readers from Canada to South Africa and everywhere in between!  It is so exciting for me to look at the “stats” map and see that someone in France, the United Kingdom, or Honduras has read my ramblings.  All I can say is “Thank You” and I will try to keep it interesting for you so that you will keep coming back.

I saw Lori (awesome nutritionist) and her assistant Sal on Friday.


Lori has given me amounts for different nutrients (carbs minus fiber, protein and fat) that I need to stick to every day.  In order to do this I need to shop appropriately.  I got a D- for shopping last week.  I have a hard time eating enough protein and when I run out early it doesn’t go over well.  I did manage to put together this awesome meal for Thursday’s supper.

Veggies with a side of scallops.
Veggies with a side of scallops.

I also managed to lose FOUR pounds!  Whoo Hoo, I’ll take it!!!

Saturday was a quiet day.  I was looking forward to Sunday when I would be able to take part in the running clinic with the amazing Jennifer again.

Hey Anne, What time is it?!
Hey Anne, What time is it?!

Seriously, look at how much I have to carry just to go for a run, crazy.

We met at 9am, it was so good to see my running buddies again!  After about a half mile (maybe more) jogging warm up we started “Hill Repeats”.  These are exactly what they sound like, running up and down hills over and over.  The Apple Harvest 5K is a hilly course so this is much needed practice.  After 5 repeats we started heading toward the parking lot where our vehicles were waiting with water and AC.   About halfway back we noticed that we were climbing a short but long incline.  We had a meeting and took a vote and decided to call it SIX repeats for the day.  We  finished up with a quarter mile jog on the track followed by a quarter mile walk.  All combined we covered approximately three miles for the morning.  It was hot and I tired early but wouldn’t change a thing!

In other news;

Dana loaned me a new book that she really enjoyed and thought I would too.

So far so good!
So far so good!

I have only just started reading it but so far it feels like a good story.

I bought my first pair of Crocs ever!

Classy Right?
Classy Right?

I’m just a little behind the times.

Sunday’s lunch was an oldie but a goodie.

Sloppy Joe!!
Sloppy Joe!!

Got some good protein here!

Thanks for stopping by!

  • Where are you from? Is that where you are now?
  • Do you own Croc’s? Do you love them?
  • What is one of your favorite meals that you haven’t had in a long time?

Dear 50, Knock it off!

Saturday dawned bright and beautiful.  I got my grocery shopping done first thing (7am) and then tied on my running shoes.  I drove to the high school track where the football team had already begun practice one field over.  I que’d up Pandora, on shuffle, and readied the runkeeper app, hit “go for a run” and took off!  I wanted to run the full three miles around the block but I knew deep down I wasn’t there yet.  As I rounded the first corner the sun hit me like….well….the sun.  I did complete the three miles with just a few short walk breaks.  Remember, it’s a process.  Back at the track I met up with Jenn who came prepared with all sorts of wonderful tortuous drills.  Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be doing one triceps dip let alone 120 without her pushing me.  Thanks Jenn!


I was a bit of a slug the rest of the day on Saturday.  Phil and I watched a movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” with Emma Watson.  We both enjoyed it, Emma had an American accent and pulled it off well.  I am a big Emma Watson fan.

Tomatoes are one of my favorite foods.

Any size any shape
Any size any shape

So is cous cous, put them together….yes please.

A perfect pair.
The Tomatoes are Under the Cous Cous….Genious!

Sunday was a planned “Off” day but I got restless and climbed aboard the treadmill for some hill walking.  Most of you would probably agree that the treadmill can be incredibly boring.  That is why I try to mix it up with varying workouts.  Sometimes I run sprints, and sometimes I find a pre-programmed 5K.  On occasion I just walk while bumping the incline all the way to the top.

I can see my house from up here!
I can see my house from up here!

I was looking forward to getting in a couple of miles on Monday.  I parked where I knew my route would be relatively flat.  I was looking for distance and endurance, not speed or hills.  It started out fine, I was feeling good but a little warm, that darn summer sun LOL!  Then as I was about to enter a crosswalk I noticed a car about to turn in so I stopped short, and then I felt it…I had jammed my knee!  I kept on going and made the one mile turn but not long after that my knee was really starting to hurt so I stopped to walk.  As much as I wanted to keep going I really, really don’t want to be sidelined again.  I finished the second mile at a run/walk…so sad.  When I got home I promptly iced my knee and it felt better right away….whew!

This ice pack was the best investment.....
This ice pack was the best investment…..

This latest (near) injury got me to thinking.  When I turned 50 earlier this year my friends were trying to tease me about “being old”.  I laughed it all off because until recently I was feeling like I was 30 not 50.  There is nothing we can do about our age so why stress about it?  I have to say though, lately I have been feeling all of my 50 years.  Well NO MORE!  I am done with the injuries and the tiredness and the “feeling old”.  DONE I tell you!!!  Today, Wednesday, I drove to a starting place that I had never tried before.  Sometimes a new venue is the best thing to pull me out of a rut.  I am happy to say it worked!  I FINALLY managed to stomp out a little more than two miles without one single walk break!  I can now admit that I was starting to worry just a little that I wasn’t going to be able to build my distance back to where it was.  Now that I have the “easy 2 miles” under my belt again I am feeling MUCH more confident.  There’s no stopping me now!

Otter was privilege to a private puppet show.

Is that an alligator or a crocodile?
Is that an alligator or a crocodile?
  • Have you ever struggled to build miles?  Any tips?
  • Cous cous, Yay or Nay?
  • What has been the best part of your week so far?

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Apple Harvest

I am psyched!  While I have faced the fact that I will not be race ready for “Old Weathersfield” this year I am not ready to call it quits on the season yet! I feel CERTAIN that I can get myself race ready for the Apple Harvest Road Race on October 4th!  Even more exciting, I recently learned that the amazing Jennifer will be conducting another running clinic with sights set on this race! ( I had to drop out of her last clinic when the neck problems started.)

I ran this race for the first time last year and it was a fun one!  The start is a bit daunting because you head up hill, but what goes up must…well you know.  Guess what happens right before the finish line?  Yup, that same hill, turned around and pointed DOWN.  Not being familiar with the course and having no timing/gps device on me last year I did not realize just how close I was to the finish line and therefore continued to hold back.  In fact, I did not realize that I was about to cross the finish line until I was doing it!  Weird right?  You see, there are two races happening simultaneously, the 5K and a 5 Mile.  I thought we were being split onto different courses, which we were, I just didn’t know that my course, the 5K,  was ending so soon.

This year I am going in armed with experience.  I will be able to use that final downward hill to my benefit and I will know when to start my final kick.  No more just cruising across the finish line at the Apple Harvest for this girl!

2015 Here I come!
2015 Here I come!

Thursday rolled in with even MORE humidity.  It also brought a renewed ache to my neck.  I have not determined the weather as a factor to my neck aches but I am not discounting it either.  Luckily for me Thursday was a planned “Off” day.  Off days are important both mentally and physically.

Lori (my awesome nutritionist) has schooled me on the importance of NOT eating the same things everyday. Breakfast on Thursday consisted of three links of Turkey Sausage and a bowl of Cinnamon Chex with blueberries and fat free milk.

The most important meal of the day....
The most important meal of the day….

Have you tried Fairlife milk?  It tastes yummy and has a crazy long shelf life.  I only use milk for my cereal and that is only a couple of times a week.  For someone like me the long shelf life is key!

Speaking of Lori, I finally got myself back into her office.  It has been a couple of months of just plain feeling sorry for myself which has resulted in a SIX pound increase on the scale.  Good job Anne, well done!  I have faith that Lori will whip me into shape.

Do you like my new water bottle?

Hey Nathan...'sup?
Hey Nathan…’sup?

This is the latest and greatest object in my quest for the ultimate vessel to carry while running.  I hope to try it out this weekend.

  • Do you carry water while you run?  What type of bottle do you use?
  • When is your next race? How far?
  • Are you a milk drinker? What is your favorite breakfast?


Ever since this whole “neck fiasco” of mine I have been working on regaining my lost fitness.

I have become "one" with my ice pack.
I have become “one” with my ice pack.

I was happy to start incorporating strength training into my workouts.  Runners need strength just like any other athlete.  What I did not realize though was that I was neglecting my running.

The plan for Monday was to meet Jenn at the track for one of our epic “Do whatever you want” workouts.  What we had not counted on however was the temperature soaring above 90 degrees with crazy high humidity.  Jenn being the smarter of the two of us decided to opt out.  I almost did the same but because I had not worked out in earnest since last Thursday I chose to go forward with a simple 2 mile run.  I apparently have sabotaged myself further by spending so much time at the track as opposed to road running.  At the track I have (and take) the option of stopping periodically for Gatorade and/or filtering in different exercises like squats and triceps dips.  Shortly after takeoff on Monday afternoon I realized that I was not going to make the two miler without a few walk breaks… sad.  Part of the reason I was struggling was the high heat and HUMIDITY….holy cow!  I made a conscious decision to break my run into 4 parts one half mile at a time.  While I had hoped to be further along in my grand comeback by now it is all a process.  I am learning slowly what I can and cannot do.  I have learned, particularly from Monday’s run, that I really need to run!  My mood which would have put “Grumpy Cat” to shame turned a complete 180!  Now with a renewed energy and focus I am going to continue to build on my distance and stamina while still working on strength….sorry Jenn, you’re not off the hook!

Wednesday went slightly better.  I managed 1.34 miles before stopping to walk.  I am hopeful that once the humidity breaks my mileage will increase more easily. But hey, progress is progress, no matter how slight.

Holy Humidity Batman!
Holy Humidity Batman!

Hey, did I tell you that I am doing the 30 day Plank Challenge?  I am up to 90 seconds as I type this.  By the end of thirty days I should be able to plank for FIVE MINUTES!  I will admit, I’m a little scared.  Did you hear about that guy who planked for over five hours?  Dude!!

5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds for the WIN!
5 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds for the WIN!

Hi from Lefty!! Photobomb from Felix…he’s a card!

  • How long can you plank?
  • Is it hot where you are?

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My last post did not go up on facebook like it was supposed to.  Then it went up but only half of it made it!  I swear I didn’t do anything differently than I always do but I will admit to being technologically impaired.  I apologize if you got hit with my post twice, or not at all GASP!

Guess where I found the inspiration for this post…c’mon guess.  That’s right! French Fries!


Earlier this week I wandered into the kitchen at work to fill up my water bottle.  It was shortly after the lunch crowd had dispersed and the room smelled of French fries and ketchup!  That aroma triggered memories from my childhood of sitting in a booth at Friendly’s with my family eating hamburgers and French fries smothered in ketchup….YUM!

I would like fries with that!
I would like fries with that!

Then I started thinking about how powerful the olfactory senses are in triggering memories.  That led to…hey, I should write a blog about that! Somewhere along the way “memories” turned into “inspiration” because it was a memory that inspired me (see what I did there?).

Where do you find inspiration? Whether for running, biking, or swimming to a particular goal, or picking the color of paint for your dining room? Inspiration is everywhere we just have to be open to it.

For me, I see inspiration in a number of areas.  Sometimes a song that I have heard 147 times strikes something in me on the 148th time.

Music makes the whole world sing....sing a song....
Music makes the whole world sing….sing a song….

Occasionally a conversation with a friend or even a stranger will inspire something in me.  Reading others’ blogs is always a good source, especially when I am trying to climb out of a funk.  I also love to read and frequently get lost in a story that causes me to want to change everything about myself…not really, just some daydreaming.

Once inspiration hits you what do you do with it? Do you create a board on Pinterest, or an old school story/idea board? Or do you simply act fast and paint that dining room cantaloupe orange?  Don’t laugh, years ago I almost painted our stairwell cantaloupe orange with honeydew melon accents, but then I woke up!

Right now I am trying to find the inspiration to get back to my usual workout routine.  While I have determined a number of exercises that I can still perform I am having difficulty getting myself out there to actually DO them.  Maybe you could say something that will inspire me?

I mentioned to Jenn a few weeks back that I was thinking of trying Yoga.  Typically Yoga does not require a lot of (or any) jarring movements that would aggravate my neck situation.  Jenn was nice enough to loan me a “Beginner Yoga” CD.  I finally tried it on Sunday morning and I have to say….YIKES!

Nope, turning it off and walking away.
Nope, turning it off and walking away.

Here is the problem.  Much of the pain that I have comes from certain neck positions.  Imagine you are riding a ten speed bicycle with your hands on the lower bars.  You have to lift your head to see where you are going…this is the WORST most painful position for me.  While Yoga does not require any hard hitting, jarring motions it does require looking up!  Especially when the instructor is performing on the television but not verbalizing the instructions…pet peeve # 76.

I will stick to running….EYES FRONT!

I made a pilgrimage to the sporting goods store not long after the Yoga fiasco to purchase some KT tape.  I will certainly report back if it helps…..or not.  Look at the beautiful floral arrangement that was parked out in front of the store.

"P" "U"
“P” “U”

Pretty right?  Too bad it smelled like dead fish!  Whoa!!  I don’t know if it was the fertilizer used or one of those weird stinky plants but somebody do something!

  • How do you find inspiration?
  • Do you put ketchup on your fries?
  • What was the best part of your weekend?

My Scale is a Jerk!


My scale is a jerk!  I mean it, every time I look at the thing it has climbed…UGH!!!!!  I know, I know, it is my own fault!  Ever since the whole neck pain fiasco started I have not only slacked off on  stopped exercising, but I have also thrown my whole nutrition plan out the window!  Good job Anne!  Well I am over it!!  I have started exercising again and I have also made an appointment to get back on track with Lori my awesome nutritionist. Doing it!


A couple of days this past week I met up with Jenn at the track.

On your mark.... On your mark….

The plan was, there was no plan!  We walked and jogged and ran and sprinted around and around.  We were not keeping track of the distance which I love.  Between each half mile or so we would pull over to:

  • Plank – Up to…

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My Scale is a Jerk!

My scale is a jerk!  I mean it, every time I look at the thing it has climbed…UGH!!!!!  I know, I know, it is my own fault!  Ever since the whole neck pain fiasco started I have not only slacked off on  stopped exercising, but I have also thrown my whole nutrition plan out the window!  Good job Anne!  Well I am over it!!  I have started exercising again and I have also made an appointment to get back on track with Lori my awesome nutritionist. Doing it!


A couple of days this past week I met up with Jenn at the track.

On your mark....
On your mark….

The plan was, there was no plan!  We walked and jogged and ran and sprinted around and around.  We were not keeping track of the distance which I love.  Between each half mile or so we would pull over to:

  • Plank – Up to 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • Dip some triceps up to 40 per set.
  • Push up about 20 times up.
  • Squat and Lunge until my quads burned!

We spent more than an hour working out each day but because we were chatting the time flew!  Come join us!! I also got a feel for what exercises I might be able to pull off again.  Push-ups are ok, but NO mountain climbers just yet!  I am excited to realize that I may be able to return to “Mix-Fit” soon!!  One of the best parts about working out with Jenn is that she makes me do the strength exercises that I normally slack off on.

Weighting around...
Weighting around…

It is funny, or maybe just sad, how quickly we lose our fitness.  As I was huffing and puffing around the track yesterday trying to reach one lousy mile I was remembering how just a couple of months ago I was able to run 6.5 miles.  While we want to keep one eye on the big picture it can be overwhelming. Starting over is just that, STARTING over. If I try to run six miles every day and continue to fail every day how long do you think I would last before just giving up?  Failure on top of failure is not good for the psyche.  On the flipside, if I set smaller goals, like 1,2 or 3 miles every day and continue to meet or beat them every day then my smile will grow right along with my goals.  Before I know it I will be building on the 6.5 miles shooting for a half marathon, but for right now, I will continue one mile at a time.

Sometimes I find the best meals are the simplest.  My favorite Quick, Healthy and Easy meal from this past week was Pan seared Sea Scallops with Pan seared baby plum tomatoes and baby peas.  I used a little olive oil in the pan and seasoned with fresh cracked pepper…that’s it!


You should have seen Phil’s Mechanics putting the car cover on…HILARIOUS!

  • Do you weight train?
  • Favorite meal from last week?