Motivating Motivators

After nearly a month of inactivity I have been struggling to get back at it!  Falling out of the habit is a whole lot easier than getting back into it.  I can read motivational quotes all day long and think “Yes, that is so true, I’m doing/not doing/trying/pursuing/fixing…..that!”  The reality is, reading about and doing are two entirely different things.

SO Just Do IT!
SO Just Do IT!

While I have been cleared to run again, it is a solitary exercise (at least for me it is….do you want to run with me?) and I have been finding it difficult to get myself back out there.

Let's be those people!
Let’s be those people!

When I started running years ago I signed up for a race, maybe I need to do that again.  I know!  Let’s sign up for a race together!  That’s a great idea, what looks good to you?  Hey, we don’t even have to run the same race, just the same day (or weekend), then we can push each other to get ready…that sounds like a GREAT idea!  Who’s with me?!

We can motivate each other!
We can motivate each other!

In the meantime I am thrilled that Just Results (my gym) has added a spinning class on Saturday mornings.  I love spinning, and cannot remember looking forward to something this much since my last cruise.  Yes, well that’s more than a slight exageration, cruising with my peeps is the BEST!

Chris and Marilyn
Chris and Marilyn

In other news:

The Flagstone project is done and Skye gets to sleep in the garage again, Yay!

Peace and Quiet
Peace and Quiet

It turned out really nice and they even redid the path through the pachysandra!

Nice right?
Nice right?

Bonk didn’t want to come out of her camper the other night so Phil rolled Felix over to keep her company.

“Hi Honey”
  • Who wants to run a race with me? Together or virtual?
  • What is your favorite activity? (keep it clean)

One thought on “Motivating Motivators

  1. OK, I KNOW you are talking to me! LOL! I LOVE the first quote, I think I will make that in a frame for us!
    I love the flag stone, it looks great! Meanwhile, I’m going to jog a mile on the treadmill this morning…because of YOU! 😉

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