That was OPEN?

This is a picture of what an “open” MRI machine looks like.

It doesn't LOOK scary.
It doesn’t LOOK scary.

Here’s the thing!  It did not feel open in the least!  I realize that this may have been because they were imaging my neck which had to be kept immobile, but a little heads up would have been nice…..pun intended.  I had two big, fat square cushions on either side of my head, sort of like a horse with blinders on.  Then there was what I can only describe as a roll cage that spanned from cushion to cushion over my face. I had a maximum 1 inch clearance between my face and the “roll cage” and then less than an inch from the “roll cage” to the machine.  Again, this probably had a lot to do with the location of my scans.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?  I showed up at the imaging center super early even by my standards (I am always ridiculously early, don’t stop me, that’s how I roll.).  I got checked in and settled in front of the television in the waiting area.  There was a really interesting show on about Lions.  Surprisingly I was called in after only a few minutes.  I was led to a closet changing room which was only approximately 4X4 feet.  I changed, locked up my belongings, opened the curtain and sat down in the changing cell as instructed.  Then I waited, and waited, and waited…..30 minutes later!  Are you KIDDING me?!  This is one of my pet peeves, don’t call me until you are ready for me.  I could have been watching lions but noooooooooo I was watching the walls instead.  Ahem, sorry, I digress.  When I was finally brought into the MRI room I had to surrender my glasses….begin elevated heart rate.  I put in ear plugs and got settled on the table.  Brian, the technician gave me a call button and explained that when I heard the “LOUD” noises I was NOT TO MOVE, not even to swallow or take a deep breath.  Really Brian?  I know we just met but I am the queen of the fidgets.  OK fine, I’ll behave, let’s just get it done.  It was somewhere in Brian’s instructions that he let me know that it was going to take about 25 minutes, geeesh!  Okay,okay! They slid me into the machine (que elevation of heart rate) and Brian told me that it would be easier if I closed my eyes.  Easier huh? Then Brian’s disembodied voice (very faint, remember the earplugs?) was telling me that the first scan would take about three and a half minutes, which meant DON’T MOVE.  You have probably heard that MRI’s are loud….yeah, that’s an understatement.  The weirdest part about the noise is that no two scans sound alike.  As it turns out they all took about three and a half minutes but one sounded like a steady banging, one was a steady swirly whirring, another one had me picturing the natives on Gilligan’s Island having a drum off, and the last one felt and sounded like I was on a shake machine.  Wild!

So I made it!  It was an experience for sure and I came away with a headache and feeling overall exhausted (probably the anxiety) but I am glad I got it done.  Now I just have to wait for my doctor to call with the results.  Sigh…more waiting.

A few images from the weekend.

Flowers are never downers.
Flowers are never downers.

Sunday was National Ice Cream day so Jenn took my picture with this sign at The Cruisin Café.

I am wearing my "Hungry Runner Girl" shirt, one of my favorite blogs.
I am wearing my “Hungry Runner Girl” shirt, one of my favorite blogs.

This deal was happening next to Jenn’s driveway, I thought it looked interesting.

Hey, you dropped something....
Hey, you dropped something….

When I got to work Monday morning we had no lights for about 30 minutes.

Happy Monday!
Happy Monday!

Maria and Jan were in Florida last week and they brought me back this beautiful glass paperweight.

Love it!
Love it!

I believe we are now caught up!

  • What was the best part of your Monday?
  • Favorite flavor Ice Cream?

2 thoughts on “That was OPEN?

  1. Sorry you had to go through that but at least it’s done! When I have had to have an MRI or CT scan I have found the best way is to just close my eyes and pretend I am sleeping.. 🙂

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