First and most important, Sunday is National Ice Cream day….are you prepared?



Have you ever felt particularly anxious?  As I type this I am waiting for a call back from my doctor.  My fear?  He is going to tell me that I need an MRI.  Yup, you guessed it, claustrophobic!  At the same time I am almost hoping he tells me to get an MRI TODAY.  I want to know what is causing my neck pain once and for all!  Suck it up Buttercup, get it done!

Google defines anxiety as:




  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Knowing why I am feeling anxious sometimes helps me to get through it.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes just having a timeline does the trick for me.  For instance, if I do need an MRI you can be sure I will ask how long it is expected to take.  Although that can backfire too.  If I am told 20 minutes and I am still in the tube 25 minutes later I guarantee my heart rate will be increasing.  That said, if there is someone talking to me the whole time and telling me what is happening all the way through, that will help to calm my nerves considerably.

Jump forward two days and I have been back to the doctor who HAS told me to get an MRI.  On the plus side, I will be able to go to the fancy schmancy “Open MRI” facility in Bloomfield, whew! I will be sure to tell you all about it.

I opened my training log to a random week and took a picture for you.

Getting it DONE!
Getting it DONE!

Then I took a picture of this week.

Definitely NOT getting it done.
Definitely NOT getting it done.


Having all of this downtime has given me a lot of time to whine think about my goals, both old and new.  As you know I successfully completed my first 10K road race this year.  Do I want to run another one? Absolutely!  Goal # 1: Run another 10K. Do I want to run only 10K’s from now on? No Way!  Last weekend when I had to pull out of the “Red Dress Run” I thought it wouldn’t bother me because I have run it more than once already.  I was wrong!  As it turns out, it bothered me a LOT!  Goal # 2: Run the “Red Dress Run” in 2016.  What about increasing my distance?  You know it!  How about a HALF Marathon?  I think so! Goal # 3: Run either “Mystic” or “Surftown” Half Marathon in 2016….or BOTH!  Is that it? Maybe, maybe not.  I would like to increase my pace (speed) but am not sure about putting that on the tangible Goal List just yet.  That may just have to wait for 2017 😉

Monday was Dana’s Birthday so we all took her out to eat at “Blue Plate Kitchen” in West Hartford.  I enjoyed a lobster roll with BIG chunks of lobster, it was yummy!

Cool signage
Cool signage

When I was conducting interviews for “Bunny of the Week” this week Felix pulled up a chair wearing his super cute long pants…how could I resist?

Trouser man!
Trouser man!
  • Ever had an MRI? Are you claustrophobic too?
  • What are your current and/or future goals?
  • Lobster, yea or nay?

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