Meet the Team

“Bonk” is the Matriarch.  She is an albino New Zealand rabbit.  Bonk has a very laid back disposition with peaks of ‘tude.  When Phil and I adopted Bonk we were assured she was a guy….stay tuned.


“Felix” is the Patriarch.  While Bonk is the largest, Felix is the smallest.  His breed is called “tan”, in bunny world it doesn’t get much more mundane than that.  Felix is Phil’s favorite.  He tries to be a tough guy but in reality he is skiddish and frequently runs for cover under his shelf.


“Lefty” is the only child who we kept from the first litter (yes, I said first, don’t judge us.). Lefty was the only one with any coloring, the rest were completely black, like little seals.  Lefty is the sweetest, he is my favorite…don’t tell the others.

Lefty and me

“Otter” is the kid who we kept from the second litter (Felix got loose).  When Otter was a baby she looked just like a sea otter.  Phil and Otter have a love/hate relationship.  She can be very affectionate but will turn and bite in the blink of an eye, we don’t let anyone touch her.

Otter and Lefty

Each bunny is given about an hour of playtime each day when Phil sets up a labyrinth of gates so that they can all get some exercise.  Male bunnies will fight viciously regardless of their relationship.

That’s the gang!

Do you have any bunnies?  How many?

Anne Tracks

I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog for a while now but wasn’t sure how to start.  Today I decided to just jump right in.  Hang in there with me while I figure things out.


The bulk of my day Monday through Friday is spent in an office, behind a desk.  The fun part is what happens the rest of the time!

I am married with two grown step children.  My husband Phil and I are enjoying being empty nesters.  We have four, that’s right FOUR rabbits who let’s face it, run the show.


I started running a few years ago in an effort to lose weight (still struggling with that one).  So far I have run nothing more than 5K’s but I have my first 10K coming up this Sunday, Yikes!!  Have I mentioned I just turned 50?  It’s true, and I have never been happier!


Every year my friends and I go on a cruise.  LOVE IT!  I spend the rest of the year counting down the days until the next embarkation.


I also fancy myself a weekend photographer.  I hope to share some artistic, funny, inspirational shots with all of you…..once I figure out how to load them without deleting my entire post.  It happened!

Please join me as I keep track of my tracks, whether walking, running, biking, swimming or whatever the day may bring.

Let’s roll!