A REAL Pain in the Neck!

I have been living with/whining about a sore neck for the past couple of months.  At first I just took it as one of those things that comes and goes, except it never went.  Then I started to hear scary little noises coming from my neck.  Pops, or pings, or snaps, or …thunks…I don’t know how to describe them other than they got me to my doctor.  He did a thorough exam and asked a ton of questions.  I left his office with the following;

  • Use moist heat…..no problem.
  • Take the anti-inflammatory prescribed……you got it.
  • See the physical therapist recommended for two weeks and report back…..on it.
  • Get an x-ray…..done.
  • No running or Gym until the therapist okay’s it…..NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This seems to be a pattern with me.  I get on a good roll and then something happens to shut me down and make me start over.  Pity Party at my place!  On the plus side, this setback waited until AFTER I ran my first 10K, so YAY!  I only have one race scheduled right now and it is one that I have run more than once which means if I miss it, no big deal.  Six months ago I was training to run a Sprint Triathlon….can you believe it?  After struggling with burning and hurting eyes in the pool (yes, wearing goggles) I decided to scrap that idea and refocus on my running.  I am glad that decision was made long ago and that I am not facing a huge race injured!  All in all, this little setback came at an okay time.  Pity party over, moving on!

Not being able to work out after work left a big chunk of time open to catch up with these awesome women!

The lovely Jenn and Melinda
The lovely Jenn and Melinda
The beautiful Dawn
The beautiful Dawn

We met for dinner at PF Changs on Thursday evening and totally blew my diet out of the water!  (Lori HELP!!)  It is always great to get together with these ladies, the conversation flows easily and we ended the night with so many ideas for future get together’s. I cannot wait to see them again!

Saturday morning I had to begrudgingly skip the running clinic that I enjoy so much.  Fortunately that freed me up to join the Saturday morning walking group that I have been a part of for 10 or more years now.  We saw a bunch of wildlife including some deer and this heron.

Do you see the Heron?
Do you see the Heron?

There are always Canadian Geese there, they are such goobers.


I feel fortunate that I have so many options to employ the advice offered by my “life is Good” hat.


  • Favorite Saturday morning activity?
  • What is the most exotic/strangest animal you have ever seen in the wild? I saw a wild Monkey type thing in Cozumel, Mexico.

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