The Wall

We all struggle with making or breaking personal goals.  Sometimes it is as simple as getting out of bed in the morning.  You might be facing a difficult day, maybe it is raining or snowing out, or maybe you are just plain tired and comfy.  Some goals are much more daunting.  Perhaps you told all your friends that you are going to swim the English Channel and today’s the day!  Good luck to you!!  Sometimes goals are old that need to be hurdled again.  This is what I am dealing with right now (Nope, not taking on the hurdles, no desire to EVER do that).


I have recently been coming up against a wall at mile 1.5.  Now I know I can run much farther than 1.5 miles, I have done it time and time again.  Lately however I lose steam and want to stop at 1.5.  I have a theory.  When I started running a few years ago I found that two miles was a comfortable distance for me.  I had a two mile course that was all sidewalk so it made sense to stick to it.  Sidewalks are few and far between in my neighborhood.  Some of the sidewalks run alongside heavily wooded areas where black bears live.  I avoid those during the quiet hours before people start making noise.  Bears suck at sharing.  But I digress.  I have run the two mile route a LOT!  When I turn back onto my street which happens to be at 1.5 miles I know that I only have half a mile to go but also that it is all uphill.  I believe this is my problem.  I associate 1.5 miles with the start of the uphill schlog.  At the end of a run, even the slightest incline feels like a mountain!


On longer runs when I hit the 1.5 mile wall I am able to talk myself through it.  I am kind of like supergirl that way.  It is the shorter, after work or class, just need to bang out a couple of miles, miles that get me.  This past Saturday I took myself for a 5 miler.  I crushed the 1.5 barrier only because I was focusing on climbing a hill I had never attempted before.  I beat the hill!  On Sunday I needed a couple of miles but avoided my usual route partly from boredom and partly because it was hot and I wanted to stick to the shade.  As it turns out it was MUCH warmer and just plain Muggier than I anticipated.  I decided to take a break at the end of the trail before heading home.  In hindsight I realized where I stopped was….yup, you guessed it….1.5 miles!  Arrghhh!  


We have a special guest Bunny of the Week this week!

This little guy has been bouncing all over the back yard.  He is very speedy.  Since I took this picture we have discovered that there are in fact TWO little guys!  There is an adult out there too who we are assuming is either Mom or Dad.


  • Currently struggling with any goals/barriers?  How do you get through?
  • Do you live with wildlife?  Any bunnies?

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