Fun Everywhere….

This has been a relaxing, fun weekend.

We hung out with Felix on Friday evening. He can be quite the cut up!


I have been taking part in a running clinic at my gym. The clinic is being conducted by one of our local elite runners “Jen”. She took us over to the highschool track and had us practice a drill called “Centipede”. We lined up and took off. The person in front sets the pace. Thankfully we all run at about the same pace (except Jen of course but she’s cool). The first person passes a baton, or wooden spoon, whatever ya got, to the person behind them who passes it back to the next person and so on. When the baton reaches the end of the line that person sprints to the front and the passing begins again. This drill was so much fun I didn’t even notice how far we had run. Anyone who happened to be watching us run in formation HAD to be impressed.

On the run back to the gym the shaker ball in Sue’s water bottle was banging out our pace. Between that and not being able to catch the group ahead of us because every time we sped up so did they, Sue and I were cracking up!

Sue and her Water Bottle
Sue and her Water Bottle

I really enjoy running with others, I wish I could do it more often.

When I got home I still had a little steam left so I climbed on my bike and took to the trails. Only 4 miles but worth it! There were so many people out enjoying the morning.

I had a couple of errands to run and was surprised to see all sorts of festivities happening in town. The hardware store was having a Grand Opening celebration. They had balloons all over and a woodpecker walking around.

Do you see the woodpecker?
Do you see the woodpecker?

Across the street the hot tub place was having their annual blow out sale. They had a GINORMOUS duckling sitting out by the road. It was bigger than the building! I would love to see the size of the hot tub that he floats in!


I treated myself to a lazy morning on Sunday but did manage to squeak out a 3.5 miler.  After taking care of some chores it was time for lunch with my good buddy Jenn! YAY!


We went to one of our favorite spots, The “Cruisin Café” at the Collinsville Antiques shop.


These are my favorite types of weekends, easy and FUN!

Phil and I also watched the final episode of “Younger”, have you seen it?


*What did you do this weekend? Was it fun?

*Have you seen “Younger? Do you like it?”

2 thoughts on “Fun Everywhere….

  1. I love relaxing weekends too.. Unfortunately, although this one was relaxing it was also full of expense for me! I didn’t know you road a bicycle. I have a carbon framed road bike by Specialized that I would love to ride more.. Maybe we can plan a day sometime if I can keep up with you that is! ..and Yes I watched Younger.. not sure if its a keeper yet but it kept me entertained so far. I want the guy Manager in the office to find out her real age! .

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