Recovery Week

Recovery Week

I spent most of Sunday afternoon and Monday loafing on the sofa reading and watching movies. I rewarded myself with a day off on Monday for just this purpose, I was not disappointed.


“St. Vincent” with Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy was entertaining as were the sappy Hallmark channel movies.  I had planned to get back to my training on Tuesday by going over to the gym and taking Sue’s boxing class.  By Tuesday evening however it was stormy with a chance of hail.  I decided to just go for a short run instead but with the storm had to stick to the treadmill (snore).


I ran fartleks for 30 minutes.  “Fartlek” is german for speedplay.  I would walk for 90 seconds at 3.4 and then sprint for 45 seconds at 7.3.  This took me two and a half miles without ever leaving my porch.

Wednesday I got myself back to the gym for Sue’s “Mix-fit” class.

Just Results

I love mix-fit, it is a mix of cardio and weights, you never know what you are going to get!  To that end the hour goes by REALLY quickly. Some days we are outside, some days we are flipping tires and pushing sleds, some days we are boxing, and usually it is all of the above. On Wednesday Sue had us create our own circuit. We did not know that was the plan when we started, she tricked us! Meanie. 😉

I think every other person that I spoke with on Thursday said something like “you aren’t running today are you?”. It was hot and humid on Thursday. Never knowing what the conditions will be for my next race I have to run in all types of weather. I tied on my sneakers and hit the pavement. It sucked! Did I mention it was HOT and HUMID? Hot is one thing and humid is one thing, but combined…C’MON!!


Tomorrow is a new day!  I get to run with one of our local elite runners!  “Jen” is giving a running clinic through my gym.  I will talk more about that later.

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy your day!

  • Do you take fitness classes?  What is your favorite?
  • Would you rather run in Heat, Cold, Rain, or Snow?  What is your least favorite running (workout) weather?
  • Have you seen any good movies lately?

2 thoughts on “Recovery Week

  1. My favorite running workout weather? I say none! I mean RUNNING? ME? I don’t think so… 🙂 You deserved the relaxation! Good job relaxing making the crazy decision to run in the humidity this week.

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  2. Cool weather is my fave for running but Rain isn’t bad as long as it’s not cold out! I think as a horse, I’d be a mudder! You rocked to run twice this week – kudos to you!

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