Amica Ironhorse 10K recap

My very first 10K road race was amazing!  Here is how it went down.

I started the morning by fueling like a champ.


I really don’t care for oatmeal but my awesome nutritionist Lori insists on it before a race.  Lori has never steered me wrong so I choke it down.

Then I strapped on my gear.


For short runs I use a smaller mp3 player instead of my gigantic phone.  I use the phone on longer runs because the runkeeper app keeps me on track.  I set up my Pandora to “shuffle” and que’d up run keeper…..wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Phil drove us over to the venue, it was a perfect morning!


We wandered around a little bit and then it was time to get serious.


NOW is when I set up Pandora to SHUFFLE and que’d up runkeeper.  As I was standing in the corral waiting to start, my runkeeper changed screens.  I couldn’t see the screen very well without standing on my head so I just backed it up and started over.  This will be significant in a couple of minutes….are you getting curious?

The race official gave us the start and we were off.  I hit runkeeper and shuffled my way through the starting line.  Only those at the front of the pack get to start the race at a run, the rest of us have to wait for the crowd to spread out enough before we can start moving.  There were over 500 runners in this particular race.  Let’s get back to Pandora now.  Remember how I set it to shuffle?  Well when I restarted Runkeeper I must have messed up Pandora because I ended up listening to Nickleback for the entire race!  I like Nickleback a little at a time but not an hour straight!  Shoulda stood on my head, live and learn.

At about mile two this handsome gentleman pulled up next to me.


He was running in FULL gear complete with helmet on his head and air tank on his back.  He also had a good sized American Flag on his back that was flying out behind him.  The name on his coat read “DeForest”.  I was able to keep right up with him for a good two miles!  So what if it was a decline slope, this guy is super fit and I was able the hang in there!  He got ahead of me as we started heading up an incline but once the coarse leveled out again I was never too far behind him.  Just a personal little achievement for me 🙂

I had decided long before the race ever began, we are talking days, maybe weeks, was to walk through the water stations.  After getting water up my nose (classy right?) a couple of years ago while trying to run through a water station I decided to take a lesson from the Pro’s who I read about and walk it.  Hydration is important.  Not getting your fuel could slow you down a lot more than a few slow paces while sipping water or Gatorade.

I reached mile 5.3 and was able to picture the last mile!  At home I know what a mile is, I run it all the time, easy peasy.  So that is what I focused on. There is a small hill (bridge) that we had to climb right before the final half mile straightaway.  I have run this part of the course a number of times and this bridge can be daunting. (daunting, there’s that word again, told you.)  I was feeling great and flew over it!  Then I was on the straightaway.  The end was in sight, I knew I was about to finish my very first 10K!  I had been feeling strong for the entire race and I planned to finish strong too!  I kicked into high gear and sprinted for the finish.


Poor Phil, he tries so hard to get a good picture of me finishing but rarely does.  With three races going on at once he ended up on the wrong side of the road.  Love you Phil but you make a terrible paparazzi.

I crossed the Finish line, collected my water and my Medal and made history in my own story.


My goal was to finish in 75 minutes with a stretch goal of 70 minutes.  My official time was 66:58!  YAY ME!

  • Have you run a 5K, 10K, Half  or Full marathon?
  • What is your favorite distance?
  • Do you have a favorite course? Least favorite?
  • What do you eat before a race?

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