Anne Tracks

I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog for a while now but wasn’t sure how to start.  Today I decided to just jump right in.  Hang in there with me while I figure things out.


The bulk of my day Monday through Friday is spent in an office, behind a desk.  The fun part is what happens the rest of the time!

I am married with two grown step children.  My husband Phil and I are enjoying being empty nesters.  We have four, that’s right FOUR rabbits who let’s face it, run the show.


I started running a few years ago in an effort to lose weight (still struggling with that one).  So far I have run nothing more than 5K’s but I have my first 10K coming up this Sunday, Yikes!!  Have I mentioned I just turned 50?  It’s true, and I have never been happier!


Every year my friends and I go on a cruise.  LOVE IT!  I spend the rest of the year counting down the days until the next embarkation.


I also fancy myself a weekend photographer.  I hope to share some artistic, funny, inspirational shots with all of you…..once I figure out how to load them without deleting my entire post.  It happened!

Please join me as I keep track of my tracks, whether walking, running, biking, swimming or whatever the day may bring.

Let’s roll!

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